19th Century Finnish Sea Captain

This page covers some information regarding my 19th c. life as a Swede-Finn (Swedish speaking Finn). I had been a sea captain and involved in the Baltic sail trade. The ships I primarily was involved with were Schooners, but also Brigs, and perhaps on Bark/Barque. I have tried to obtain more information regarding the ships that were listed in the logs, but have been unable to. There is a possiblity, that one of the ships listed – Preciosa, was one that I had served aboard, and that is still around. I had tried to verify this, by contacting the appropriate maritime museum, but they did not have records for the dates that I needed.
I do not list memories here in this page, specifically because not many have an interest in it (more are interested in my WWII service for obvious reasons). I do have photos of some of the pages from my journal in which I wrote down some of my memories from that time.
From 2010, and onward, I worked backwards in remembering more.  I began to recall a lifetime in 19th c. Finland where I worked aboard ships and later became a ship’s captain, and possibly a ship owner.  In my research, I discovered that I was a Swedish speaking Finn, born in Turku on 25 May 1824.  I managed to get copies of a log from my maritime activities and to my amazement, I had visited the port of Lubeck, Germany back then.  The very place I had spent most of my childhood in the early 20th century and into the early 1920s.
Below is just a small portion of the information from the log copies.

Since not many have taken an interest in this life of mine, aside from native Finns themselves, I won’t write much about it aside from this.  I will say though, that I am still on the look-out for more information (which might have to come from Sweden) not only on/about myself, but on any of the ships mentioned in the logs.

1824 Life
The Genealogical Society of Finland – HisKi Project – Referred to this by a native Finn I met in a spiritual network.
Turun Maakunta-Arkisto (Abo Landsarkiv) – in Turku/Abo, Finland