A Human Klabautermann

"So, in the most natural way, I took it upon myself to know 'my' myth, and I regarded this as the task of tasks... I simply had to know what unconscious or preconscious myth was forming me, from what rhizome I sprang." - Carl Jung, Symbols of Transformation 

A human Klabautermann and drowning victim. I don’t know the original name for this or its origins.

I happened to find this on Pinterest and it reminded me very much of some of my experiences, one of which involved a woman in a white gown. She was the one that gave me the name “The Great Sea”. Perhaps it comes to explain why I am not entirely loved by other souls – both human and other incarnated elemental beings. One winds up leading a rather sad and lonely existence in some ways.

This page is where I have listed what I regard as “5th dimension” experiences. These are experiences that I have had that have connected me (helped me help my ‘new’ body) integrate my “Core Self”. As I have never had any interest in mythology or lore whatsoever, it was difficult in dealing with these experiences as they could not really be placed in a “historical context”, since these happened “beyond/outside” of “Time and Space” of the 4th dimension (where one recalls historical, a.k.a. “past” life experiences). I could not do research with these experiences like I was able to with my historical ones. The only bits of information that helped me make some sense of these experiences, and place them into some context, was the lore regarding the Klabautermann, as well as information I would gleam from watching Earth documentaries (such as the seafloor having consisted of a lot of iron, iron “eating” bacteria that dissolve ships, etc.). I did not come to the lore first but rather experienced first and then went to try to find something, or more like stumbled upon it. The same is to be said of my historical experiences – experience first, research after.
My “soul’s purpose” was to experience itself (the sea) as Man (through the eyes of Mankind), and so with two consecutive lifetimes, in the same region, with the same career as a sea captain, that is what I did.
This time, though, I have picked up with the integration of this “aspect” of myself, that was started in the 1920s, to complete it, so as to have “full soul embodiment”.
1) Precognitive experiences regarding Hurricanes and Flooding.
I understand that I’m not the only one that experiences this, so this alone was no indicator.  Two of the more profound experiences pertaining to this though were when, in 2011, Tropical Storm Lee hit the area and the night before it hit, I had a dream of flood waters rising up in a house and seeing rescue boats.  After waking up to a severe downpour…and thinking it was just that, I went about my usual business…that was until the emergency sirens went off.  Once that happened and I realized what was going on, my mind suddenly (out of nowhere) started recalling all of the other dreams regarding flooding that happened.  One incident in particular where, I had been at the natal soul’s mother’s house, next to which ran a stream (a Run).  Near that was an ornamental pond.  In the dream, the stream rose and rose and eventually flooded over the yard and over the pond.  I woke up and there was a storm and that very same dream experience played out in real life.  The feeling was surreal…like, “I thought this shit was only supposed to happen in movies.” surreal.  This almost “synchronistic” connection with the waterways in the local area (which also tied in with some of my Grid Work), was enough to make one pay some f-ing attention.  I wasn’t scared of this intuitive ability, but I had no means of understanding it.  I had no means of connecting it with something with which to make reference.  It was just -there- and I didn’t know what to do with it.  It was only after I had accepted my soul’s origins and identity, that it really went away for the most part.  Much like when one experiences some sort of ‘repeated sign’ (a synchronicity…referencing Jung) with regard to something, that one needs to ‘pay attention to’ in order to get the message.  This is due to the subconscious mind ‘pulling in’ these specific things, and once the message is ‘digested’/’assimilated’, it generally ends.  
2) Being involved with Earth Grid Work where it concerned the Ley Lines in relation to water, waterways, and the Crystalline Grid.
3) Memories that are “consistent” enough with the Klabautermann lore.
4) Memories as the Ocean where it pertained to the Vikings and Evolution of Life on Earth.
5) Memories of coming out of the water at Drake’s Passage, creating Hurricanes on/at a liminal threshold (beach), being aboard sinking ships, people running from me (as I was the water filling the ship).
A 3rd Dimensional Timeline of My 5th Dimensional Existence Prior to Integration
This is my 5th dimensional existence according to 3rd dimensional physical time.  Some of the memories I had to purposely omit so as to keep fluidity and clarity, as I had acted as a psychopomp to 3 witches whose astral bodies had gotten trapped on that level due to some sort of trauma sustained on the lower 3rd or 4th levels (either physical or astral trauma).  Each of these women, I had come to know during either the 19th or early 20th century lifetimes of mine.  This was the only explanation as to how they were able to “see” me.  One of them had given me the name “The Great Sea”.  This name, to my understanding as a result of my research, is what some of the Scandinavian people had called the sea.
1) I have had memories of early evolutionary life on Earth prior to the arrival of mankind.  In one of these memories, I had picked up a Trilobite and examined it.  This was one of the very early marine creatures to appear on Earth.  In this same dream, I could “see” ahead into the Earth’s future and saw the early forests with palms, ferns, and other early plant life.
2) In a second dream, regarding early life on Earth, I was “standing” on a cliff that was overlooking the ocean.  In the water, I saw an Elasmosaurus swimming.
3) My first experiences with mankind were mainly with the Viking people.  (I understand that to call them “Vikings” is a bit historically inaccurate, but I am doing it here for the sake of clarity and simplicity.)
In a very profound memory, I as the sea, was observing this longship that had one of their elders in it.  The surface of the water was where my “face” was, and I was concentrating on this elder, when he put his hand into my face and scooped up some water (probably to observe the type of water).  This disrupted my concentration.  They then put the boat onto the beach and headed up a somewhat rocky cliff.  I took form, but would only look like a “transparent water being” and watched them.  I knew that I could only walk on land by incarnating as one of them (into a human body).  Land at this point became a sort of novelty.
4) My next experience again has me with the Viking people, but this time it was with a shipbuilder.  I also had an actual human form, as I had been able to connect way ahead in the Earth’s future to my 19th c. life.  So that was how I had appeared, but the shipbuilder could not see me.  He had his tools for carving in a case and kept unrolling it and mumbling something.  I said to him, something along the lines of, “If you keep doing that you’re not going to get anywhere.”  There was someone who did see me though…a young blonde woman, perhaps his daughter.
5) This memory, I do not know the exact “date” in the timeline of the Earth, but it was when I had “taken human form” and was able to walk on land…but not go inland.  I was able to walk along the beach, but no further.  I had found an old fisherman’s wooden hut where gear was stored.  It was here that I took clothing…such as seaboots, oilskins, heavy sweaters, scarves, sou’wester, and a long black oilskin coat to wear.  I had made a home inside of another, better quality, hut and slept upon old canvas sails.  I would eventually bring more items into this place…things people no longer wanted.  (Which might help to explain why I tend to wind up with things that…people no longer want…but that I need.)
6) In this memory, I do not know precisely when it took place according to the Earth’s physical timeline, as I have had nothing to compare it with.  In it, I was dressed in black oilskins, sou’wester, and seaboots.  I was on a beach where water and land met (I was unable to go further in land due to a witch’s hedge, which I had eventually subverted.*)  In my right hand, I had what must have been a stick, and was making a continuous circle with it counter-clockwise.  I did this to create hurricanes (as they spin that way in the northern hemisphere where I live).
*The Witch’s Hedge:  This I had seen in a dream.  I was in the water along the beach and went under it.  Under the water there were plants of Woody Nightshade and Brambles growing.  I had asked someone about this and she mentioned about it being a hedge.  So, this was a hedge to prevent me from coming inland.  I had to subvert this…and I did it with an essence blend that I put together.
I do not recall all of the ingredients, but one was of Bla Jungfrun (there is a labyrinth there) and according to Scandinavian maritime lore, these coastal labyrinths were gateways (usually to the underworld).
It was a simple essence blend…probably had no more than 10 ingredients.
But it worked.
In subsequent dreams, I was walking on land making my way inland further.
No hedge is going to keep out the sea.
April 2018 – I had a memory that took me to, what I believe, to be my final 5D connection.  In the memory I was “summoned” out of the depths of the region known as Drake’s Passage, to the narrow, grey rocky coast of Cape Horn.  I knew it was this area after doing research.  It was constantly windy, frequently overcast, and rain would blow.
My skin was pale, dirtied with black marks, and it had cuts and scratches.
I came upon the rocky shore edge, and looked up briefly to see a cliff with long grass atop it.  On it stood a shadowed woman wearing a cloak.
The only lore that “matched” my experiences, for the most part, was this:
The Klabautermann – German Maritime Lore

Mariner - Helsinki, Finland

“The Klabautermann is a creature from the beliefs of fishermen and sailors of Germany’s north coast, the Netherlands, and the Baltic Sea, and may represent a third type of kobold or possibly a different spirit that has merged with kobold traditions.  Belief in the Klabautermann dates at least to the 1770s.  According to these traditions, Klabautermanns live on ships and are generally beneficial to the crew.  For example, a Klabautermann will pump water from the hold, arrange cargo, and hammer at holes until they can be repaired.  The creatures are thought to be especially useful in times of danger, preventing the ship from sinking. …
“The Klabautermann’s benevolent behavior lasts as long as the crew and captain treat the creature respectfully.  A Klabautermann will not leave it ship until it is on the verge of sinking.  To this end, superstitious sailors in the 19th century demanded that others pay the Klabautermann respect.  Ellet has recorded one rumour that a crew even threw its captain overboard for denying the existence of the ship’s Klabautermann.  Heinrich Heine has reported that one captain created a place for his ship’s Klabautermann in his cabin and that the captain offered the spirit the best food and drink he had to offer.  Klabautermanns are easily angered.  Their ire manifests in pranks such as tangling ropes and laughing at sailors who shirk their chores.
“The sight of a Klabautermann is an ill omen, and in the 19th century, it was the most feared sight among sailors.  According to one tradition, they only appear to those about to die.  Another story recorded by Ellett claims that the Klabautermann only shows itself if the ship is doomed to sink.” – (Kobold) Wiki

Klabautermann in Husum, Germany

Gerettet (Saved) in Germany

3 August 2019: Oof. I just had a long stream of dreams regarding more of my experiences with them. As more of them “saw” me, my guess is that these experiences took place on a more interdimensional level? I don’t know for sure but the experiences were rather strong. In one, there was a sick man, in a bed, said to be “possessed” by a malignant spirit or entity. They asked me if I could enter his body to remove it. So I was atop his head, entered his body, “became” him, kicked out said malignant spirit, exited his body, and awhile after that he fully recovered and was healthy again. This man then went into one of their feast halls to celebrate with the rest of them. They, who saw me, asked if I wanted to join them. I declined and proceeded to head back to the water. Then in one of the parts, I apparently had the “hots” for one of the women there. She had what looked like thick strawberry blond hair done in a braid that went around her head. She wore clothes that were traditional "Viking" clothes (dress and shirt).
There was some rust red type color worn, where there is green on the blue. I could not stop staring at her, but she never noticed me. She was a bit further inland on a grassy area, while I was at the rocks and water at the shoreline. She was not far from me though, and I don’t know why I was smitten…of all the women there, I fell in love with this one who could not see me.