Anchoring and Manifesting a 5D Identity Style

"The difference is that in Third Dimensional reality one builds one’s life through references from the mass consciousness background and interfaces with the background in order to find opportunities for growth. However, in Fifth Dimensional reality, one builds one’s life first then picks and chooses what is available in the mass consciousness background in order to add to, fill in or augment its experiences. In truth, a Fifth Dimensional Terran does not necessarily ever need to interact with society or with the events of the mass consciousness background should the entity choose, though most do so through love and compassion that lead naturally to the desire for cooperation in the growth of others." –E.M. Nicolay

...the 5th Dimension is less linear and more about living in the “Now” in a multidimensional way—meaning one can experience the immediate past, present and future at the same time, something Nicolay refers to as the “Super Now.” One can liken it to playing a lifetime chess game on multi-levels where one’s level of consciousness guides one’s choices. (trinfinity8)

" goal for individuation is for people to «develop a more realistic, flexible persona that helps them navigate in society but does not collide with nor hide their true self». Eventually, in the best case, the persona is appropriate and tasteful, a true reflection of our inner individuality and our outward sense of self.”  (Style, Individuality, and My Spirituality)

I have been "anchored" in the 5D since the Winter Solstice of 2016.  One of the major inner changes that is occurring with my inner work is that of anchoring and manifesting my 5D "identity style".

During this Mercury retrograde period (of February/March 2020), I have it in both the 1st and 12th Houses, and in Pisces.  The "pull" has been so strong and the effect so deep, that I have been putting in extra effort to alleviate the effects.  I covered some of this in previous posts.  Today I made essences specifically for the astrological placements and added those to my Clearing Jar (which helped quite a bit).

What I am noticing is a pulling apart/away of my body's mind from the effects of the mass consciousness that it was subject to from the the time of being in utero, up to, I will mark at the point of the Winter Solstice in 2016.  So there was a long period before I came into this body, and then some years afterwards (2002 to 2016).

The "psyche" is not as "consumed" by the mass consciousness as it used to be, and a repeating theme keeps coming into consciousness.  It is that of having cleared everything away that is not in alignment with my Inner Self and that which is, "sticks".  So far, the only thing sticking is my wardrobe that I am working on.  That is the only thing, as of now, that has my Self "infused" into it.  It may not mean much to others but how one dresses is a reflection of who they are on the inside.  For me to focus on anything else either takes considerable mental effort or else I wind up in a "void state" where there is nothing but blackness.  This blackness is, or can be, the subconscious mind being brought to the fore.

The 12th house can represent the void (subconscious), and the 1st my style and individuality.

The first house, also known as the House of Self in astrology, is the most important reflection of an individual’s character, manners, style, temperament, and physical characteristics. Among astrology houses explained, it is known as the Ascendant, and it is a house of your behavior, as well as your likes and dislikes. The first house represents how you demonstrate yourself in front of others and how the others perceive you. Often, it points to your physical characteristics, especially the shape of your head and face, which vary depending on the signs and planets in the first house. (

The twelfth of the astrology houses has a watery feel to it, as it describes everything that lies beneath the surface of the things. Other worlds and realities are often spoken about in the twelfth house, along with dreaming and dreams. Besides that, the twelfth of the houses in astrology is linked to mediumship, channeling, Tarot cards, automatic writing, hypnosis, and clairvoyance. Astrologers associate this house with spirit, soul, and the unconscious mind. This is a cadent house ruled by Neptune and Pisces. (

This Mercury retrograde has me diving deep into the subconscious (12th house) so as to separate myself from the mass consciousness to then give form to myself (1st house).  It would explain my constant desire to sleep so as to aid in the exploration, separation, and integration regarding my identity.  It has been very difficult for me to remain awake and focused.  With it being in the sign of Pisces in both places (houses) it adds more "weight" (packs a heavier punch).

Pisces in Male Natal Chart
People tend to believe that a Pisces man is an anti-social fringe element. But this is not the case at all! The Pisces man has a shy and reserved nature. He is used to stand alone in his own place, but it is mainly because he feels that he hasn’t found his first place in society yet. He would rather to lock himself up in his own bubble and express himself through certain activities that he might share with others to facilitate his integration.

Once he has broken the ice, people around a Pisces man will realize that he is clever, full of ideas, and extremely imaginative. He is a man who loves to discover, learn and especially share. But not with just anyone! Although most of those around him know that he is someone you can trust, he only trusts very few people in return.

He is also a kind and generous man, especially towards members of his family as well as towards his few close friends. For him, a friend is someone you can count on when times get rough. The Pisces man favors long-lasting friendly relationships, which he tries to maintain on a basis of respect and mutual trust.

The Pisces man is known for finding solutions easily. He also knows that in some cases, it’s useless to wait for a miracle. Some situations require time and the Pisces man is well aware of it. According to him, if something is meant to happen, it will eventually happen sooner or later, so there’s no use in trying to force things. He hates it even more when people put him under pressure or rush him to do things that are not in accordance with his own principles.

Spirituality is also very important for Pisces men. It is not necessarily faith or religion, but rather a thirst for knowledge and wisdom. This is someone who thinks extensively about existential questions and will even meditate while thinking about himself and the world around him. He has his own vision and philosophy of life. The spirit world is something that fascinates and inspires him. Besides, if he is an artist, this will obviously be reflected through his works. (

This has been one of the most difficult retrograde periods to bear because my mind [Mercury and Sun] (lower mental body - solar plexus), wants to "regress" into the watery sub/unconscious.  I am glad no demands are made upon me where I would need to be in an alert state of mind.  The "old mind" descends into the watery depths to be dissolved (Solve), and then rises up again from those depths, reformed (Coagula).