F.A.Q.'s About My Practice and Path

I created this page as it is sometimes easier to have a general overview than to read through all of what I have written about.  It has been awhile since I last did this, and some things may have changed since that time.  I will date this for 2020, just to give it some form of "time stamp".

1) I am Non-Theistic. Please undestand that this is not due to "disbelief", but due to lack of experience.  Also please realize that where some may have a god/goddess/guide, I have my Self (which I have spent much time integrating with my current body).  It is this connection with my Self to my self, that is my focus, and paramount to my healing.  Taking focus away from this to a god/goddess/guide breaks that vital connection.

2) I do not identify as a witch.

3) I do not use Tarot and/or Oracle cards.  This does not mean I have not tried them out though.  They are just not a method that is best suited to how I operate.  I am very "Jungian" and in touch with my subconscious.  The cards may say one thing that is not in alignment with my Inner Self and what I am "reading within".  In this sense they become more of a distraction and diversion, to the point of hindering me, than a tool to help.  Therefore, I do not use them.

4) I do use Astrology, although not as much as I used to.  I think the way I am using it is evolving with me.  Instead of charts and glyphs, it is now more Elements and Correspondences for specific needs.  Like taking my Capricorn Sun - working with "all things Capricorn" to help with finances, father/paternal aspect of Earth element, stamina and endurance for healing, etc.  In this case, I only work with specific Elements and Signs, I do not work with all.  Another would be Aries for surgical healing, vitality, masculine energy.  These two are pretty much it.  Pluto is sort of an oddball because it is "all encompassing" for me, as one who is a Plutonian.  That is something that "just is" for me and not a point of focus.  For the most part, I chose to help other aspects of myself evolve past "astrological influences" so as to be united with my 5D Self (beyond time and space).

5) I do not keep and maintain an altar.  However, I focus on keeping and maintaining my "Inner Altar" - my connection with my Inner Self.

6) I do not celebrate Sabbats and Esbats.  Hell, I barely celebrate "national holidays" (like Christmas) as it is.  I do put up a tree and lights, but for me it is more of a secular thing.  For a few years I did not, and it was rather depressing.  There was an emptiness, and plus I like vintage Christmas decor, so, I mainly do it for that reason.

7) I have, over the years, since I came into this body, "passed through" phases in my development where I had been: Buddhist, Panentheist, Luciferian, and Agnostic.  Now I pretty much would fall under Ietsist (Ietsism), Atheist (without gods/goddesses), Jungian, Saturnian (again Capricorn sun), and Plutonian (with Pluto as a dominant).

8) 99% of the time I do no "spell work".  I have but one "magickal work", begun in 2016, which has been so effective, that I never had to "re-do" it or do anything more to help myself with regards to spells.  So, for the most part I really do not focus on "spell work magick", but focus more so on the "inner magick" of transformation and the manifestation of a reality that is in alignment with my Inner Self.

9) I do not work with Sigil Magick.

10) My journey started back in 1927, but with my current body, it started when I came into it in 2002 (age of 22).

11) I have worked with herbs since late 2002/early 2003, essences since 2003, essential oils and homeopathy since 2004.  Gemstones do not play a huge role in my healing, compared with my other "tools", so I never really kept track as to when I really got into them more.

12) I am an omnivore, drinker, but non-smoker.

13) My physical life (mundane) is very much a part of my spirituality.

14) I do not work with Moon Phases.  There were only two times that I did, and for very specific reasons.  One time was for a Dark Moon on the date of my death in the war, and the other for the body's birth date.  For each time I made an essence to work with.  For the latter, there was a rainstorm and subsequent rainbow which really imparted a unique addition to that essence.  Both essences worked to clear away ties associated with the natal soul's life as well as anything getting in my way.

15) I do not keep "traditional gender identifiers" for elements.  For example: "Mother" Nature, or Water as a "feminine" element.  In my view, and of course through a scientific lens, Nature holds both "masculine" and "feminine" aspects, and I do not "personify" Nature through a female image, because that then negates the role of the Father (paternal, and male) which Nature also encompasses.  Nature is represented through a wide "gender spectrum", plus there are people who are born Intersex, Androgen Insensitivity, and with Kleinfelter's.

16) I am obviously an "animist".

17) I do not do any ancestral work for obvious reasons.

18) For me, reincarnation has been less a belief, and more a direct experience.

19) Spirituality for me, is about healing and wholeness in mind-body-spirit, so that everything becomes unified into One Whole.  (Then in turn, one's outer life aligns with the Inner Wholeness.)  This is why I focus heavily on Jungian psychology, the consciousness and subconscious, and understanding what I can about the brain with regards to these areas.  I tend to "muck about" in the regions that, as of now, science cannot yet explain, but can help me understand with what information is out there that can relate to my work.

20) I am not of the mind to believe or place "The Universe" in the position of God or some sort of being that responds to me.  For me, the universe is simply a plane of existence.  When I came to this, very liberating conclusion, it put even more of my own power into my own hands.  It is my responsibility to do the work, observe the results, and make any future adjustments that need to be made until I get it "right" for myself.  The universe does not even factor into my work in the "spiritual" sense, I simply observe how reality shifts after I do my work.  Sometimes the shifts happen suddenly, other times, if something is more entrenched, it can take longer with many "steps" taken over time.

21) I do not engage in ritual, as it is commonly known and accepted.  Yet if one were to talk about daily (mundane) rituals, aside from showering and such in the morning, then yes, I do take time to "scan over" my inner self and do any necessary essence work.

22) I do not keep a BoS or Grimoire.  I merely have small notebooks for: teas/tinctures/supplements notes, personal care notes, and meridian information.

23) To paraphrase John Beckett - I do Carl things for Carl reasons.  What I do is tied directly in with myself.  There is no connection to any Traditional path, tradition, pantheon, and even culture really.  While I may have "cultural aspects" of German and Scandinavian in with myself, I do not limit myself to that - for example, my indentifying as an oceanic water spirit is not limited to the cultural folklore of the Klabautermann.  It is just that, that folklore is the closest that I happened to come across, to give that part of me an identity (such as in the case with Nymphs for example).

24) What I do is designed to help my body navigate through and adjust to its new life which has absolutely nothing in common with its old life.  This is why the focus on a "mundane" form of spirituality is paramount, not only does it help me ground and integrate "higher aspects" of myself, but it also helps establish, manifest, and build the new life in the physical plane.

•More to come?•