From 3D to 5D: Processing Emotions to Reach Higher States

*Note: I had typed this up back in 2018 under a different title, but I had recently come across links that are highly relevant to this work and how it relates to the connection of the "ascension" of the body-mind with regards to the healing process.  I have renamed it as a result, and included the information below with the links.  It is a small, but important piece of information that ties everything together.  I linked this post in the Healing Index page.


All of these movements in consciousness take place naturally when old patterns, misunderstandings and general density leave us.  There is nothing we need do other than give our soft attention to all the parts within that are calling for our presence.  We do this by Processing Emotions. - What is the Fifth Dimension


What I have come to understand is that Walk-In souls, in some way, wind up being able to access the natal soul’s memories, but not have emotion tied to those memories.  In my case, with Replacement Reincarnation, I do not have these memories and cannot access them – they are simply non-existent.  I could not access them even if I tried – they are gone.  What had been held in the body instead, and opposite to the Walk-In experience, is the emotions.  But this is what made it hard for me to do healing work, because I would ‘feel’ or ‘sense’ an emotion that was not mine, but could not place any sort of memory to it – there was no context to the emotion felt/sensed.  One is literally navigating the “emotional waters”, and if there were trauma to the body, these “waters” can be quite difficult to navigate in order to clear/release them – and also run quite deep.  So, it is here where my experience is actually opposite to Walk-In cases – they are able to access memories of the natal soul in some way, I cannot.  I can access ’emotions’, but they have no emotional ties to the memories they access.

Without the ‘database’ of memories to go on, one is left relying on their own soul and soul history in order to (re)orient themselves in their reality.  At this point, there is probably no comparison with Birth Reincarnation – because those who have this experience have their “present day memories/experiences”, some access to their “past memories”, and depending on their perspective, either a more ‘holistic’ view of their experience, or a very rigid “3rd Dimensional” (past/present/future) perspective.  I cannot be put into either of these groups (Walk-In or Birth Reincarnation).

Since I am left on my own, it is of utmost importance to make notations of these memories, research them, put them into a context that the “now emptied of memories” mind can take in and make sense of.  This can be incredibly difficult if one has memories coming in simultaneously of two different eras – which I have had happen, but it only happened once or twice.  My memories, thankfully, came to me in the order of each “lifetime” lived – my life in early 20th c. Germany was first, and then as I had integrated the bulk of that, I started to recall more going back into the 19th century.  This is all 4th Dimensional work (“past” life memories).  I didn’t really get involved into recalling beyond this (5D) until probably 2011.  I would like to make a note here, though regarding 5D memories, in that, my essence work with regards to Shadow healing, really opened the doors.  Shadow work helps with anything that the mind, not the ego, suppresses.  So all these doors that were closed, until I initiated such work in 2006, kept the mind from integrating these “higher dimensional memories”.  Along with remembering, another part of the task was to get all these memories integrated into a coherent “storyline” that would make sense to the body-consciousness.  It needed a linear framework in order to proceed with the integration and implementation of these memories and knowledge in 3rd Dimensional/Physical life.  I needed to get my “new” body-mind to recall and integrate the “storyline” of my own consciousness from back then (my most recent life – which would have been the one from the early 20th century).  This “storyline” is that of remembering when my own 5D soul energies initiated connection with my body during the 1920’s**.  To put it simply, my “consciousness”, and therefore “soul storyline”, has replaced that of the natal soul’s.  My memories fully take the place of his, so that my “new” body-mind can then be under the “guidance” of all of my “aspects” (personality, higher and lower level states, soul storyline, etc.).

Unfortunately, what would get in the way of all of this integration work, would be the emotions held in the emotional body.  So what I had to do, and found the use of essences, essential oils, and homeopathy helpful in this, was to clear out all of these emotions that were “locked” in the body-mind.  They needed to be released in one way or another – either through having some mental breakthrough that would help, or in more unpleasant ways.  All of these old emotional loops, reactionary states, etc. – all had to go.  They weren’t mine and would only cause problems.

The Emotional Body

“This band of energy is linked to the solar plexus and heart chakra.  In appearance it is brighter than the etheric body, resembling multicoloured clouds in constant motion.  It is closely aligned with the etheric body; together they balance the emotions.  A strong sense of emotional security and stability at the psychological level is sustained when the emotional body is in balance.”

The Etheric Body

“Deriving from the base or root chakra, the etheric body is bluish-grey in colour.  This is the first subtle body and lies between the physical and other subtle bodies, sustaining the dynamic equilibrium between them.  This is one of its key functions.

“The etheric body is the exact double, an energetic replica, of the denser visible physical body and contains a blueprint of all the organs.  Whether leaving or entering the body, the life force always passes through the etheric body.  The etheric forces are formative and creative, endowing matter with life, form and power.  These same cosmic organizing energies are susceptible to control by the mind and will.  … If the etheric body is imbalanced for whatever reason, any problems residing in the subtle anatomy (that is, in the aura and subtle bodies) can filter down and express themselves in the physical body, for the body is the medium through which all electromagnetic radiation and energies play.”  – The Practitioner’s Encyclopedia of Flower Remedies

The region in the back between the Heart and Solar Plexus was, what I simply call, ‘broken’ – it was like it was ripped open.  In the front, where there would be the Diaphragm Chakra (aka ‘Vomit Chakra’), was where I had experienced severe clearing.  (The name ‘Vomit Chakra’ is very appropriate because it does feel exactly like you’re vomiting when you release from there…from the nauseated feeling in the stomach and head, to the tightening of the throat and watering of the mouth…and there were some moments when I was very nearly vomiting physically as I released from there.)

“The diaphragm chakra, lime green in gemstone colors, is the Hara Line equivalent of the solar plexus.  This is the center for emotional cleansing and detoxification of emotions, and it is not a comfortable center to work with.” – Diane Stein, ‘Gemstones A-Z’

It must be understood, that the Kundalini Line (that gets all the attention) is the line where the energy moves up, whereas the Hara Line (the one that needs more attention), is the line where your soul energy grounds down.

The more grounding I did, the more ‘entrenched’ the old emotional ‘tapes’ were – the deeper they ran.  I think of an old road filled with potholes or ruts…some more deep than others.  Some drivers avoid the shallow ones only to run into the deeper ones and some do the opposite.  The older the emotional wound, and the more frequently it was ‘triggered’ the deeper it would get.  And this is where the *real* work began because I needed a “buffer zone” between me, and the “outside world” – anything in it that would trigger these wounds again…and again…and again.  I never really got a buffer zone, so what would happen was that I would be grounding my memories, and trying to impliment them in the physical…and something absolutely out of left field would come by and blindside me.  It would have absolutely nothing to do with me, and everything to do with this stupid wound to which I had to figure out how to release…otherwise the effort to establish my own life, in the physical, would amount to nothing.  It simply wouldn’t manifest because of these wounds.  The wounds were like little subterranean magnets – thankfully I’m well acquainted with pretty much anything ‘sub’, and so that’s where I did my work – in the subconscious.  The subconscious cleared of the wound, the more of my own energy could integrate within the body-mind.  I was literally rebuilding from the inside (subconscious) out (manifested spiritual life).  This is where the memories of my own come into playing a crucial role.

Some may wonder why I had identified with the Walk-In information for so long.  Well the answer to that should be obvious:

1) At the time, 16 years ago – as of 2018, it was the only information that *for the most part*, fit or described my experience.

2) When it came to relating to those who knew the natal soul, I knew who they were – even wiped of memories it’s a bit obvious when there are so few people: mother, stepfather, and 3 close friends.  Irregardless of the lack of memories to these people, they would also state how they related to “me” (actually the natal soul).  But, and this is also the big thing, and where the confusion came into play with regards to identifying with the Walk-In experience – there was also no emotional connection to these people.  *That’s* what threw me off, and that’s one of the main reasons why I had identified with the Walk-In experience for so long.

3) Yet, as I tried to gather as much information about the experience, there still wasn’t something sitting right with me, and it was that very subtle difference with regards to the personal memories.  Most, if not all, of the information I came across mentioned about access to the natal soul’s memories but without the emotional attachment.  It was this, in reference to #2, that led me to believe that I had the Walk-In experience.  But I didn’t have other memories and this is why I was still seeking answers.  I still sought clarity about this experience.  I needed to know because I didn’t have this access that Walk-Ins have – I simply don’t have *any*…because there *aren’t any to access*.  Now I know why.  The Devil is in the details as they say.

As a result of this dynamic at play, I often found myself at odds with most of the people in the (birth) reincarnation community.  Aside from the very rigid past/present/future structure most of them held, my situation, when compared to those was reversed.  They have their “present life memories” taking predominance over their “past life memories”, whereas for me, there are no “present life memories” to access – there are only those of my own from my own “past”.  In this light, I would sometimes be chastised for “holding onto the past”.  Well what the hell else do I have to build a life upon?  I can’t use something that simply isn’t there anymore and to which I wouldn’t have any connection with anyway.  There is no bridge – it was burned.  There has been a complete death.

Since there was nothing there, and I only had my own memories to rely on to guide myself, to build my life – here and now, I had to get my act together.  This is another part where I had faced opposition, even in spiritual circles/communities I would sometimes get the same lecture about “the past”.  It was often incredibly frustrating (frequently to the point of aggrivation) trying to explain – even in the simplest of terms – to people, but I guess if they have access to the natal soul’s memories (with or without emotional connection) it’s hard for them to really understand what it’s like.  They have that ‘bridge’, I don’t.  They have that sort of ‘foundation’, I don’t – I had to build my own using my own memories as the building blocks, and this is why you see my spiritual life manifested as it is through vintage living, vintage style, etc.

I don’t like to compare experiences, because they’re each unique, but if someone had to ask me about reincarnation in terms of 1 being the least extreme, and 3 being the most extreme, I would put it like this:

1 – Birth Reincarnation, 2 – Walk-In Experience, 3 – Replacement Reincarnation

With 1 – you have your full link to “the present life” and perhaps some to the “past”.  With 2 – you have a sort of “disconnection” to the present links, but not a complete removal.  I have Replacement Reincarnation listed as 3 because it would be a no-holds barred, transformation process.  There’s no link, or bridge, left.  You. Are. On. Your. Own. (And may the proverbial god help you if you don’t have enough courage to go against the grain and establish your own life using your own memories.)

**In 1927, during the sleep state, my soul (the “original” [Whole] part of it in/at the 5th dimension) had begun to initiate incarnation of itself – giving guidance to the original consciousness that incarnated in the 19th century in the first place.  I know this, because I had a dream about this experience, and how my recall of the 19th century came about afterwards.  So, yes, I had a dream that was a memory from the 1920s, about remembering my 19th c. life.  It was this link-up, that would come to help me in the future.