What is Mundane Spirituality?

I engage in a type of spirituality that I call “Mundane Spirituality”. What is this, one may ask? It is a type of spirituality that is “worldly” or focused on the physical plane. It is a type of engagement with the physical world in a way that is connected to who or what you are spiritually. It is interacting with the physical in a way that is aligned with your Inner Self. A good example of this would be when I had attended WWII living history events, from 2004 – 2011, as a U Boat Commander. As I had been a U Boat Commander in WWII, I would attend these events to educate the public about the U Boats in both World Wars. Another example would be my interest in classic or vintage men’s style, which I wear. My era of focus seems to be 1920s-1930s, but I use what I can find that I think will go with my style.

With “Mundane Spirtuality”, the focus is not on the unseen, but rather on the “tangible”, and partaking of what is available of/from the “tangible” to build a life and lifestyle that is in alignment with one’s Inner Self.

I chose to call it such as I reflected on how I had an interest in Mundane Astrology (astrology associated with world events), and thought it applicable and appropriate to use the term “Mundane” to describe my spirituality.

Far from being “ungrounded”, I am very well grounded, but I am not here to live a “pre-built” life. As I did not reincarnate by rebirth, I have had to “disassemble” the life my body lived, prior to my coming into it, and rebuild (or just build from the get go) a new life for it, and myself, that is in alignment with my Inner Self. It creates a balance between the physical and spiritual, and as one grows, one makes appropriate changes in the physical to realign it with where one is currently at in their inner development. This means that one must be very comfortable with loss, chaos, destruction, uncertainty, etc., so that one’s life functions as a Whole Unit, rather than it being “bifurcated”.