Style, Individuality, and My Spirituality

I recently read this article which I found very interesting.  The author quoted Jung, but it is this particular part of the quote that I wish to focus on.  (My bold.)

" goal for individuation is for people to «develop a more realistic, flexible persona that helps them navigate in society but does not collide with nor hide their true self». Eventually, in the best case, the persona is appropriate and tasteful, a true reflection of our inner individuality and our outward sense of self.” 

This is precisely the area, or region, of my life that I am working on with regards to my style.  I am drawing upon different "parts" of my life experiences, but also trying to integrate with this, the 5D level as manifested in terms of style.

...and, this is also where I tend to lose the spiritually inclined and magic minded folks for the most part, because of overlooking the spiritual and magical in the mundane (worldly).

Some may tend to assume that I am out chasing "realms and spheres", when what I really am doing is connecting my body-mind to my experiences, and "pulling out" of those experiences information, which can then be applied pragmatically in the real world.  An excellent example of this would be my wisdom and intuitive guidance with regards to healing myself using natural/alternative remedies.  It was not that part of me that was a sea captain that had this knowledge, but rather my Core Self (what one might call Higher Self).  Personally, I tend to avoid using the term "Higher" due to its loaded connotations, and instead use "Core".  Anyway, it is this mental work of going "back and forth" to obtain information for myself, so that I can make real life physical progress.

This progress, pertaining to the worldly/mundane, also includes my style and how to go about integrating two different eras, plus the natural world of 5D, into one functioning unit.  I must also, to a degree, "fit" within my environment, but living in a blue-collar rural area, I would not be able to fit in even if I tried.  I am simply way too forward-thinking (?)...perhaps my past experience in the German Merchant Marine is one of the factors to have contributed to my more liberal outlook.  I would also include my mother from back then as well, as she was an art instructor.  Despite this though, I at least want to feel as myself, while at the same time, being around a group that is predominantly more conservative/traditional in thought.  (Note, not that everyone is like that in my current area, of course, but the majority are.)

Now, some might interpret my actions as compromise against myself, but it is the opposite.  I call it structured change and growth with my style.  Wearing a nice suit and tie is simply impractical for me.  So, I look about in the blue-collar environment that I am in and think to myself... "What was *my* blue-collar environment and what did *I* wear?"  Well mine was working aboard the sailing ships, and so I pick from that.  Then I recall items, like jewelry, that I wore in the 19th century, and include that.  I pick and choose out of these "compartments" and create my outfits from them.  This way, I at least do not look "costumey", but at the same time, I can (reasonably) fit in, yet with my own sense of style and taste.