Small selection of my library - not full list.

The Box (2nd ed.)
The Docks
Ninety Percent of Everything
The Baltic and The North Seas
The Last Tall Ships
Rund Kap Hoorn (German)
Unter Segeln Rund Kap Hoorn (German)
Ships Visual Encyclopedia
Last Time Around Cape Horn
Ocean Life in the Old Sailing Ship Days
Sons of Gentlemen
Bullshit Etc.
Adventures of a Young Merchant Sailor
The Bucko Mate
"Captain" Bill
Dynasties of the Sea
My 48 Years At Sea
I Think I'll Go to Sea
Worse Things Happen
Maritime Academy Graduate: Memoir of A Ex Mate
Now the Long Trick's Over
Random Courses and Scattered Squalls
Supertanker Memoirs
That Reminds Me
Trampships, Tankers, and Polite Conversations
The Silvertown Kid: Tales of a Randy Deckhand


Raiders of the Deep
Der Kapitan
U Boat War 1914-1918
The Kaiser's U-Boote
U Boats Westward!
U Boat Stories - Great War


Doenitz at Nuremburg: A Reappraisal
The U Boat Wars
Ten Years and Twenty Days
U47 in Scapa Flow
Wolfpack: The Story of the U-Boat in World War II
Sea Wolves
Enemy Submarine
The Royal Oak Disaster
HX 72: The First Convoy to Die
Wolf - Jordan Vause
Count Not the Dead
Gunther Prien and U 47*

*Note: I had been in contact with this author back in 2005, during, what I call "Phase I" of my personal research.  This was research that was borne out of my initial dream experience of having been a U Boat Commander.  He had sent me a CD at the time with many images.  I was happy to have seen he published a book, which I got the ebook version of, for "Phase II" of my personal research.  In the back, I noticed, to a huge surprise (shock), that he linked one of my old threads in a WWII reincarnation forum.  Granted, he has not been the only one who grew interested in my thorough research, but he was the only one to draw directly from it by linking it.


The Great Naval Game
The Grand Scuttle