Working with the Perpetual Calender for Healing and Understanding

The way the above is understood is that each year listed under a specific number, such as #3 for example, are all the same in how the days fall in the calendar.  Simply put, this means that the calendar years are recycled.  The dates for 2002 are the same as 2019.  When I drew this up, I made a list of specific years and then cross checked them with the Perpetual Calender.  I then narrowed down the list to the numbers that had the most important "experiences" or "occasions".  This was the result, with notations added next to the years.  I marked this for my 1908 chart transits because I wanted to see what was happening with regards to Astrology in my chart and see if there was something significant (such as Jupiter rx Return).  I wanted to see if there may be any correlation between the two subjects (Astrology and the Perpetual Calender).