Rooting Within the Self - The Personal Heimat

I have read the following and the very last part (sentence) I am expressly in agreement with, as for the rest, I am going to offer a different perspective based upon my reincarnation experience.

Some roots can’t be discovered – they have to be grown 
I understand the desire and even the need to find roots. Most of us in North America have minimal roots in this land. Our transient society (I’ve moved from Tennessee to Indiana to Georgia to Texas) makes that even worse. We dream of finding a heritage that’s mine, that provides connection and meaning. 
Too many of us, though, fail to understand that mine means “where I belong” and not “what belongs to me.” 
Rather than looking for roots in DNA, put down roots with the land where you are: observe it, touch it, eat it. Honor the spirits and other persons who share it with you.
Rather than looking for Gods who some of your ancestors may – or may not – have worshipped centuries ago, start forming relationships with the Gods who call to you.
And then start forming relationships with other people called by those Gods, regardless of how much DNA you share. 
I know – that’s a lot harder than sending off a sample, getting back a report, and deciding that makes you a Celt. 
But it’s much more authentic, which means it stands a much better chance of holding up when things get tough. - DNA is Not Religion 

I can relate to the sense of not being rooted.  Not just in the way that is mentioned above (with not having deep roots to the U.S.), but to land itself.  There are many layers to the subject of "rooting" for myself, and I want to cover each of them here.

First the "gross physical" aspects.  To start, I was not born in/with this body, and so do not have any sort of "ancestral/familial" ties.  I am connected with the body, but because of not having undergone physical rebirth, I do not have the kinds of connections most have with their bodies.  I do not carry memories of a childhood and adolescence experienced by this body, rather, I have my own memories that were experienced by my other two bodies (19th century and early 20th century).  This means, of course, no "central homeland" - no town of birth and growing up.  Also as a result, this means that I have no ties to family.  I literally have no birth mother because I was not born from a womb.  Instead, I "birthed" myself by elimination of the old that was "a part of" me on all levels.  I do not connect with, or can relate to, the feelings and experience of an "outside mother".  To me, there is no outside mother and no mother earth.  There is only The Earth, embodying both maternal and paternal.  It is non-binary as both masculine and feminine are embodied by it. (Same goes for Nature - no mother, just "Nature".)

Secondly, and in a way related to the first point, most of my days were spent out at sea.  The planet Neptune, associated with the sea, is associated with the dissolution of boundaries and form.  The Element Earth, whose ruling planet is Saturn, is associated with form and boundaries.  Land life is very foreign to me.  I feel more "rooted" in a place that essentially has no roots, and very "unrooted" in a place full of roots.  I tend to be more rooted in the "transcendent" (Neptune's domain) than in rigid traditions (Saturn's domain).  Both my lives I had spent as a sea captain.  The reason for pursuing such a career was because I had wanted to experience myself (the sea) through the eyes of man - as man.  Which brings me to the next point.

As both my career and my, what I could call "soul identity" in this case, are inextricably entwined, therein lies my rootedness.

The German language has a word - Heimat.
Heimat (pronounced [ˈhaɪmat]) is a Germanword translating to "home" or "homeland". The word has connotations specific to German cultureGerman society and specifically German RomanticismGerman nationalismGerman statehood and regionalism so that it has no exact English equivalent.[1] 
From a sociological point of view, anyone without social roots can be considered "heimatlos" in some way. A geographical distance from the place of birth or the current residence is not required for this form of "Heimatlosigkeit". The feeling of being uprooted can arise due to a changing landscape in a once familiar environment, through new- or reconstruction of buildings and streets, through societal changes and by devaluation of one's acquired competences throughout life. - Wiki: Heimat
Many would consider me "Heimatlos", yet I am not.  Having spent much time out at sea, the "seat" of my personal Heimat, I am very strongly rooted within.  I have great difficulty in connecting, or identifying, with an "externalized Heimat" in the form of tradition, culture, or country.  It is diametrically opposite to where and how I "find" my own rootedness.  I think this is because of the fact that these things can change, and even be destroyed, whereas finding and rooting oneself, within the Self, gives one resiliency.  Even after all the changes that I have been through since coming into this body, all these things that have fallen away only allowed me to anchor more deeply into my Self.  Even without living near the sea, I am deeply rooted within my Self.

Now, have there been times of being "Heimatlos"?  Yes, in particular when experiencing "inner upheaval" and loss due to the shedding of "lower density energy" of which both my body, and I, have "identified" with.  Yet, as stated before, each time this happens, I become more rooted in my Self (and, embody my Self) more fully.

I think of the Sagebrush essence in this instance:

For those who cling to proof of their existence by overidentifying with illusory parts of the self, needing to purify and cleanse the self and release dysfunctional aspects of the self and surroundings. Encourages us to become more aware of our essential identity, to be true to ourselves – thus capable of transformation and change.

Personally, for me, I find rooting within the Self, very empowering.  It is the Center, then from which I can operate from in whatever it is that I need to do - be it healing work, manifesting, or - surprisingly, acquire historical information regarding myself, with greater ease.  I think this is because of the "inner alignment", which in turn, helps with the manifestation aspect.