The Bull of Scapa Flow

My journey began the very moment I reincarnated via soul transfer into the body of a 22 year old.  This meant, that despite being an “infant”, I was burdened with adult responsibilities from the beginning, but, this being an adult also provided much freedom at the same time.  A necessary freedom that allowed me to do what needed to be done without having to have the approval of some outside authority.
I did not remember my identity right away.  I did not remember it until 18 months after I came into the body.
My recall started with a dream in which I had seen a fellow U Boat commander, who turned out to be Otto Kretschmer.  This might not seem like much, but the thing was, that my dream was not triggered by anything external.  It happened without any intent on my part.  Not only that, it turned out to happen on what happened to be the date of my death in the War (8 March 1941 – some sources state the 7th, but it was on that night, of the 7/8th March, that I had the dream).  I did not realize the connection at the time, and so could not appreciate the “lead” my own soul had given me to follow through by doing research.  I did not appreciate it, because I was too perplexed and dumbfounded as to why I had the dream in the first place.  There was absolutely nothing to trigger it…not even location.  I felt better after having had the dream in the sense that I reconnected to a part of my Self, but beyond that I was left wondering why.  So it was from there that I began my research.
The research started in April of that year, when I stopped at a local used bookstore.  I noticed they had the Time Life WWII series and found the one on the Battle of the Atlantic.  I was going through this book, but the only part of it that I could really connect with was the section done on black pages depicting life inside of a U Boat.  That was all I could relate with…and then the owner asked me what I was looking for.  I told him that I was looking for something on U Boats, but under my breath, I wanted to say that I was looking for someone to help me…in essence, I was looking for my identity, because bear in mind, the previous soul’s identity ceased to exist after their soul left the body.  Without any identity, any Self, of which that identity was a part of, I essentially ceased to exist.  There would be no way to make my way forward again on the physical plane without knowing my past.
So the owner led me to two books, both by Buchheim.  One was his novel “Das Boot”, the other a pictoral book entitled, “The U Boat War”.  I looked through them, and decided to buy them both.
So began the real journey…
It was that same month that I had a dream which turned out to be a memory regarding the planning of the raid on Scapa Flow.
From my journal:
I had a dream that was about planning the Scapa Flow raid.  I did not know it at the time, nor my identity, until later.
In the dream, everything was covered in a mist or fog, except for me, and I was wearing my shore uniform (dress uniform – as I saw my arms – the navy or deep dark blue coat with the gold ‘piston rings’).  This, as in nearly all of my dreams was in first person.  I had entered into this room where there was a large desk with maps, photographs, and paperwork on top of it.  Directly behind the desk stood Admiral Doenitz, and on either side of him were two officers, whose names weren’t discovered until later.  They were Wellner and Sobe.  I remember hearing the Admiral distinctly ask me, “Do you think it’s feasible?” Right after that I woke up.

Later, towards the end of that year, sometime I think between October and November, more, not so subtle hints of my identity came my way.  To be honest, and looking back, I do not know if it was more a case of being a bit slow on the uptake or a sort of reluctance to accept my identity.  The root cause of the reluctance coming from how I reincarnated.  Would my experience be more “believable” had I reincarnated by birth?  I do not know.
I realize that some discount synchronicity/coincidence as something frivolous, but there gets to be a point where you simply cannot ignore things anymore.
I had joined a WWII German living history/reenacting group online and mentioned about my interest in U Boats.  Not much was to be said about it since, no one was really doing anything concerning U Boat crew impressions.  I was like the odd one out in a sense.  At some point some behind the scenes activity took place.
From my journal:
I was privately contacted by a member who was selling U Boat postcards.  Being starved for resources, I agreed to buy.  He told me he had three postcards: one of Prien, another with a U Boat song, and a third with the crew getting their mail.
I chose the first two.  The second also related to Prien (I use 3rd person here as an illustration in that I didn’t know my identity at the time, but once resolved – referred to myself in 1st person).  He told me that he was “not well versed in U Boats”.  I never got scans or photos of what I was buying, and only went on basic descriptions sent via email.  Oddly, and coincidentally enough, the second had the same photo of U 47 that I had on my computer monitor at the time.  I chose the photo simply because I liked it – not because it had anything to do with U 47.
Strangely, the first card also wound up making an appearance in the January/February 2005 issue of World War II magazine – complete with a feature article on the Scapa Flow raid.

Between 2005 and ’06, I continued to have memories, either via the dream state, or while wide awake (as I do not meditate – I don’t now and did not then).  Some might accredit this ability for easy recall to my 1908 chart’s 4th House Pluto retrograde in Gemini conjunct a Cancer Moon, and others might simply accredit it to how I reincarnated.  It could possibly be both factors, I do not know, but what I do know is that accessing my subconscious is quite easy.  The thing that tended to make it difficult was dealing with external “distractions” and changes in my life while trying to “digest” these experiences.  I cannot give you the average amount of experiences I had per month, but I will say that they happened very frequently.  They were often brief, but intense experiences…fully realistic and in first person.
In January 2007, the synchronicities started back up again.
From my journal:
At a WWII Living History Event
I happened to notice another Kriegsmarine living historian, whom I never met before in my life.  I was happy to see another KM officer as I was beginning to think that I was the only one around.  I was going over to him ready to introduce myself to him as Prien, when he suddenly turned towards me and exclaimed happily, “Prien!”
“Your name will come to you from the mouths of others or from your own subconscious self when the time is right. – Michelle Curtis
The next day, I had gone through a vendor’s photo album of photos he had for sale.  I found two that pertained to me: one of my crew after the Scapa Flow raid standing at attention on the stern of U 47 and the other of me in Berlin after I got off the airplane to be awarded the Knight’s Cross.
Below is an image the photo that was of the former:

(I no longer have the photos having had to sell them to get money for my first apartment.  But at least I found an image of what was on the one and saved it for my journal.)
This same year, another odd experience happened to me, althougn it was in reference to one of the ships that I sank, the Arandora Star.
From my journal:
While I no longer own this mug, having moved many times since it was found, its story should be told.
I happened to come across a mug…just one of those kinds you don’t think twice about.  It was stuffed in the back corner of a cupboard, at someone else’s home.  It was not new, nor a collectible, who knows where it came from.
What was on it was – on both sides – a simple blue star with the words “BLUE STAR LINE” above it – which was rather worn.
Never paid much attention to the mug.  Then, one day…it struck me…
“This was a converted cruise liner which had been painted battleship grey.  There were guns mounted on the decks and also barbed wire around the ship.  It should have been painted white with a red cross on both sides to show it was carrying prisoners and internees.  It was of no threat to anybody.” – Arandora Star-Wales
The physical level synchronicities did not end there…
In the same year, I had purchased a reproduction U Boat ring.  I had this fitted to my left ring finger.  I no longer have it since I had outgrown it (my body finally deciding to get its act together and properly put on some weight…I went from a size 30 waist to a size 36 in a span of about a year, maybe two at most, between 2013 and 2014).  (FYI – I also had to get rid of my reproduction uniform for the same reason, that I had worn to WWII living history events.)
Anyway, back to the ring…
From my journal:
I purchased a repro. U Boat ring (long since outgrown now, so I no longer have it).  It was just like the ones back then.  I had it fitted for my left ring finger, for no particular reason, except that it felt like that’s where it should go.
Two years later (2009), I learned, that’s where it originally was…

Aside from attending events and doing research…on myself (which feels weird to say), and try to deal with increasingly chaotic external changes…not too much more happened until April/May 2008.
From my journal:
I had contacted a collector of the popular Signal publication, asking if there was anything on U 47 or Scapa Flow.  The response was negative, so I figured that I had at least tried, and with peace of mind, I moved on.
Then about a week later, I got an email from him out of the blue.  In it, he told me of Hermann Historica having an auction on “Prien’s estate” as he put it.
I went to the site to see what could be had.  I was amazed at what was there – personal artwork of ships (that I had done – my mother was an art instructor after all), personal letters of mine (which when I read the ones from when I was younger and serving on the Cape Horn ships, could not believe how pathetic I sounded…my younger self came across as spoiled and whiney to me.  It was in the later ones, the ones after I joined the Navy, where I was radically different.  In one, I had even mentioned about feeling old…and looking back now, I wonder if that was the first inkling of my “core soul Self” rearing its head…but more on that much later), photographs, and other items – including an old leather suitcase of mine (not sure why anyone would want that…).  There were photos of my family:

Mother: Margarete Bohstedt (Born – Clara Emma Margarete Schalck) – Born 20 April 1882 – Died 23 March 1954 (from lung cancer) aged 71 – was an art instructor in Leipzig.

Half-Sister: Lieselotte Bohstedt (Born – Margarete Elisabeth-Charlotte Bohstedt) – baptized 24 April 1918.  Born 30 October 1917.
*Notation: It is presumed that after my death and Hans’ death in the war, that Lieselotte joined the resistance against the Nazis.  Hermann Historica (auction #54) has a letter mentioning her attempting suicide a number of times, along with mentioning the authorities.

Half-Brother: Hans-Joachim Bohstedt (Achim) L. z. S. U 389.  Born 27 June 1920.  Died 5 October 1943. (Depth charge attack) aged 23.
It was a relief to at least see photos of my family, because, you need to keep in mind, that I have no attachment to my body’s birth mother as I was not in the body while it was in gestation and then born.  I have no emotional or spiritual ties to this body’s family.  So, seeing these photos really helped me feel like a part of “humankind” again…as it is a bit disconcerting to start out not feeling like you have a family.  This connection though, would soon be severed once again, after I started remembering further back to my 19th century Finnish life, where I had been a sea captain then as well.  The final break would come when I began to remember and integrate “higher aspects” of my soul that resided beyond the 4th dimension where “past life rememberance” takes place.  (If you think or believe that all there is to me is “a U Boat commander” sorry to disappoint by demolishing a one dimensional image of me built up by society…but there is far more to me than that.)  It was to be my “higher”, or really my “core self” that would “rescue” my WWII self (acting as a psychopomp), and then months later reveal to it how I had died in the war, so as to get closure.  That, I will get to at the end though.
In order to understand that, one must understand that it is one’s consciousness that incarnates while the soul exists on the 5th dimensional level…but I am sure that what I just said confused a lot of people.  It is this 5th dimensional part of me, that has incarnated, and has gone “gathering up the pieces” and putting humpty dumpty back together again (hence why I also recalled back into the 19th century).
Not much happened in 2008-2010 due to being involved with moving to my second apartment, so I am going to jump ahead to 2012 where things start to pick up again.
From my journal:
March 2012: 
Found in a forum by accident: Someone had met my then wife Ingeborg in 1971.  The translation is a bit off but one can understand things.
“PS: Non smoking Prien – the case was a gift from his wife…then she said no more.”
“…had the opportunity to know Mrs. Ingeborg Prien-Sturm.  In addition to many other memorabilia, his diary with drawings by hand… Impressive to me was a silver cigarette case perfectly crushed and deformed, he carried it in his hand during his attack…a character with visible tension and excitement.”
The entry dates from 2 February 2012.
I don’t smoke now, and cigarette smoke gives me a headache and makes me feel nauseated.  I later learned that Mars square Neptune can be an astrological indicator for this.
Also from 2012:
The Fireball:
I was taking a nap during the day and found myself dreaming of walking along the pathway towards the aft end, inside the U Boat while looking down because I was deep in thought about something going on in the boat.  Then, as soon as I looked up, I saw a huge fireball from an explosion come towards me, then I woke up.
A number of psychics who were able to connect with me have mentioned about my sudden death – that I was not ready; that it did not happen from enemy action* (which is historically accurate); and how traumatized I was from the suddenness. 
Looking back, and realizing the soul transfer happened with the same abruptness – the prior soul abruptly leaving the body, that the trauma the body sustained from that, and that I sustained on a soul level are most likely equal.
*Enemy action such as depth charge attack – a direct, active action taken by the Allied side against me.  In August 2017, I found out that this was correct by discovering how I died.
March 2013: Regarding My Research and Memories
When I first started out with my research, I had to go by what dreams I had and what bits of information I could come across, although unfortunately there was misinformation, disinformation, and outright lies that I had to dig through.  Although in the field of history – this is nothing new.  For what it’s worth, I understand that, when researching history, one has to go with what is known at the time (typically what is published and made public), but what is known often changes and unfortunately some of the better material gets pushed into obscurity.  This happened to be the case with some of the research I did.
The book I am referring to is, “Nightmare at Scapa Flow” (1980 ed. is better than the newer edition).  Sadly, much of this author’s information seems to be overlooked.  The information that I mention deals with the ghost written book “Mein Weg Nach Scapa Flow” by Paul Weymar.  The English ed. of the book is “U-Boat Commander”.
Here are excerpts from the book “Nightmare at Scapa Flow” regarding how I really felt about the war.
“Early in 1940, Paul Weymar reappeared openly on the literary scene with an assignment from Deutscher Verlag to ‘ghost’ Lt. Prien’s autobiography.  It is not clear whether he accepted the task out of hunger, patriotism or lack of any choice in the matter.  Says Hanns Arens, who now lives in Munich but was one of Paul Weymar’s clandestine supporters in the old Berlin days: ‘All I know is that he was no Nazi in his personal outlook’ – and certainly his decision to co-operate in the writing of Mein Weg Nach Scapa Flow was one he lived to regret.
“A three sided contract between Lt. Prien, Paul Weymar and the Deutscher Verlag was signed on February 29, 1940, wth each of the signatories receiving an equal share of future royalties.  In addition, Lt. Prien was to be paid an advance of 3,000 Reichsmarks, whose receipt he acknowledged in a letter dated March 4 from his home at 12 Knivsberg, Kiel.
“Prien’s widow, now Inge Sturm, confirms how little opportunity he had to write his own account of the attack.
“Some – but by no means all – of the flaws in Mein Weg Nach Scapa Flow must have arisen as a result of the speed with which the book was written.  The contract called for Paul Weymar to deliver the manuscript by April 5, which gave him only six weeks to obtain his raw material and turn it into an autobiography.  During this period, Lt. Prien was available to be interviewed for little more than a week.  U 47 sailed from Wilhelmshaven on March 11, returned on March 29, sailed again four days later, on April 2, and arrived back in Kiel on April 26.” …
“News of the English edition, he [Weymar] wrote, had come as ‘an extremely disagreeable surprise’ and his letter went on. ‘In my view a new edition of such books can be justified only when they are placed firmly on the basis of historical truth…
“In Prien’s case, one is duty-bound in my opinion to correct demonstrably false facts – the account of the Scapa Flow mission was ‘touched up’ in the 1940’s on understandable military grounds – and also to clarify those other aspects of the war at sea which are given insufficient expression, to say the least, by the juvenile and aggressive style of this book for boys, the hardships and horrors of the U-Boat war, which Prien also discovered but was unable to voice at the time.
“I recall one statement which he made to me in confidence: ‘When I saw the first burning tanker in front of me and thought of the wretched hundreds of men perishing in this dome of flames, I felt like a murderer before the scene of his crime.’  It should be an obligation to include this and similar utterances in a new edition, also from the point of view of Prien’s memory.” …
“Herr Soschka, now retired, lives in a flat in the suburbs of West Berlin.  Despite three hours of conversation, lubricated with a bottle of Schnapps, he was unable to add much to the background of Mein Weg Nach Scapa Flow.
“‘In those days, of course, you could publish only what you were allowed to publish’, he said.” 
“Herr Soschka thought it improbable that Mein Weg Nach Scapa Flow could have been published without Lt. Prien’s approval of the text.  On the other hand it was difficult to believe that the man who volunteered for the mission to Scapa Flow…the man who gave a drink to Cadet Bird because he was cold and showed concern about the men he was forced to send to their deaths…the man of whom Herbert Herrmann says: ‘He hated all the fuss when he was ashore and was always glad to get back to sea.’ … would willingly lend his name to this tissue of lies, errors, and distortions and jingoist nonsense.  The one person most likely to know the truth seemed to be Frau Ingeborg Sturm-Prien, his widow.
“Frau Sturm wrote in her first letter: ‘There is no need to apologize for making your request.  After all, it is also in my interest that a wrong conception of the character and personality of my dead husband is neither created nor allowed to continue.  For that reason I will gladly contribute to the clearing up the matter, as is also your wish.
“‘I can confirm that my husband was unable to correct the final manuscript of his book prior to its going to print.  He was called away on duty after about a week of discussions with Herr Weymar, who completed the book.  It is obvious that the strictly historical course of events was not Herr Weymar’ major concern – for example, he misrepresented the way Gunther Prien and I met.  Bringing out an exciting book for boys, written in the spirit of the times, was most important to him.’
“‘The quotation about the burning oil tanker in Herr Weymar’s letter is characteristic of the way my late husband really thought.'”
Now where it concerns my memory and the connection with regards to the book, ‘Nightmare at Scapa Flow’:
3 March (2013):
Last night I had a dream about a boy.  I was somewhere, I don’t know where…but I was talking to a small group of people.  I was sitting atop a wooden cargo box – so this could have been in a shipyard – so a port city – perhaps Kiel or Wilhelmshaven.  My U-Boat was constructed at Germaniawerft shipyard in Kiel, so my guess is that it happened there.
I had this young boy sitting atop my left knee as I was talking and he had on a jacket of one of the senior petty officers – a Diesel Obermaschinist because the shoulder straps stood out clearly in the dream.  It may have been his father’s, I don’t know.  I wore my dress uniform but did not have my cap on.  I was talking about the war, and was surprisingly quite candid…so this had to be a small group of people I could trust so they would not report me to the authorities.  I was talking about the children and the people dying on the torpedoed ships, and as I was doing so, I thought of my own two daughters.
I was horribly sad in the dream.
Notation from 13 August 2013:
Got an email from someone the natal soul knew and who is, to a degree, “psychic”.  She has no interest in what I have been involved in and so does not know details.
Her email stated:
“Do these numbers mean anything to you?  I keep seeing them in a dream but in various combinations.  3741, 3841, 7341, sometimes there are lines in between such as 3-7-41.”
(Of course that is the date/s of my death in the war.  Depending upon the source, some say the 7th, some the 8th.  The memorial plaque has it marked for the 8th.)
I have ended this here because of what I call the ‘collapse of the timelines’ (dimensional space) – and as a result of this everything becomes ‘unified’ into a ‘whole’.
In closing this, I have thought about putting up some of my pre-war memories, perhaps in separate page – but the only reason why I have held off on that, is because the vast majority of the public are only interested in my military service (to my annoyance – because there is far more to me than just that).
1908 Life
Book – Nightmare at Scapa Flow
Book – The Royal Oak Disaster
Book – HX 72: The First Convoy to Die
Hermann Historica – auction #54 – Referred to this by a collector of ‘Signal’ magazine.
Book – Enemy Submarine by Wolfgang Frank – Dougie Martindale – forum – Ken
(This list does not include the maritime research I did for all the ships I served on in the Handelsmarine/German Merchant Marine: full rigger Hamburg, full rigger Oldenburg [now Suomen Joutsen and located in Turku], HAPAG ships Olivia and San Francisco.)

Notes on My Seafaring Career in WWII