Brain Wave States Using Ocean Depth Imagery

This is probably the best way I can visually describe my "perception" of reality using the Brain Wave States with an image representing the ocean depth.  Keep in mind that, predominantly, I am in the Theta state, but sometimes rising up a bit to the Alpha, and dipping down as much into the Delta.  I did not put Gamma state on here, but it would be represented by being above the surface of the water (in the sky).

The diagram is probably the only other way that I can think of to help others understand just why and how I perceive the way I do (by perceive, I mean by intuitive work - "intuitive perception").

Also, keep in mind that the body's mind (state) was highly Beta due to trauma (high anxiety, etc.).

I realize that it is a bit symbolic using such an image, but the symbolism was really the last thing on my mind.  I needed something to convey depth, in a way people would understand, with regards to state of mind.  Delta is cut off at the bottom to denote that it goes all the way down to the "ocean floor".

Granted, it's not the best image, as I had to use my phone to put it together, but it serves to get the point across.

“No one will reach Heaven by flying.  The downward journey into darkness is the gateway to the Light.” – The Book of Stones