Time Warp Living - My Soulful Physical Life

Verifying Inner Knowing
It did not take me long to realize, as I was putting together my wardrobe for my vintage/classic style, that my Inner Knowing was correct. Having gone through numerous videos in Gentleman’s Gazette, there was not much I had to educate myself on – most of it was the different cuts of shirts (regular, athletic, fit, classic, etc.), and just a bit of information on trousers as well as learning about courderoy and tweed. For the most part, I was set though. The nice thing about that site, which I did not know beforehand, was that the owner/creator is originally from Germany, and so has access to vintage German sources.
Some time ago, I had finally achieved my hairstyle when I cut my hair one time. I did not know it, but my style is vintage. It goes by the name of Disconnected Undercut.
I had become interested and a bit involved with this way of life as an offshoot of having attended WWII living history events from 2004-2011. My initial start happened in 2008, with my first apartment. (I had lived in a low income housing complex prior to this. This complex was where I “found myself” after coming into this body.) At the time, I would have been 28. My main style was French Art Deco, as it just so happened that nearly everything that I had as far as furniture was mid to late 1930s. I had also been developing my own style as well, easing into a change of dress. I never wore sneakers or jeans, as the natal soul never wore “modern everyday clothes”, so the adjustment was relatively smooth. I wanted to create my own style, despite this, that was distinctly different from the natal soul’s wardrobe, which was very plain and mostly had black. I wanted color and texture, so over the years, that is what I focused on. I made these changes as my body changed, grew, and became healthier, and therefore transitions were quite seamless, with one exception. This one exception was in 2013/14, when I suddenly put on weight, going from a size 30 to a 36. It was much needed weight though, so no harm no foul.
Before I moved into my current apartment, I had released my Art Deco style, as I was connecting more with my 19th century life, which started in 2010/11, quite strongly.
With the move in October 2014, I was able to acquire better items, as I was in a bigger apartment. Some of these were released over time as a result of my major surgeries between the years 2016 and into 2019.
In 2019, I began focusing more on a style, which apparently goes by the name Coastal Industrial (I call it Industrial Coastal), which is “beyond” or “outside of” a specific “era”, as it is more in alignment with my Inner Self (upper 4D-5D/5D). I did not know of its name until mid 2019. Such is life “ahead of the curve”, or “outside of the curve”.
Since my interior style is at this “level”, I have been working on fine tuning my wardrobe to match, and I expect more changes in the coming year or two, so as to bring it more into alignment with my Inner Self on that level as well.