What is Tradition to Me

I have been reading some posts as of late in the Pagan and Witchcraft community with discussions on tradition.  This got me thinking about something that: 1 - usually elicits a gagging reflex from me, and 2 - aside from "spiritual matters", and perhaps a sense of style, I never cared to put much thought into otherwise.

For me, tradition, depending on where and how it is applied, can either make me rebel to no end, or is a part of my "identity" where it concerns my mundane spirituality.

I am generally loathe to even think about the subject regarding the word and this is largely due to my experience with it - from others, not from myself.

Tradition for myself can be a foundation, as in the case with my vintage/classic style.  My spiritual experience happened in the 1920s, and so, a way for me to connect with that is through my way of dressing, which so happens to be considered "traditional masculine style".

On the other hand, as I did not reincarnate the "traditional" way, others have used "tradition" against me, as a way to essentially discriminate.  What they say to me by doing this is: " You are the outsider.  You don't belong.  You are not wanted nor welcome here because YOU did not follow the TRADITIONAL RULES!"

Well then...

Or, just as equally put: my not following "traditions" in my spirituality.

Why should I?

While I do not have Uranus as a planetary dominant in my charts (Uranus the rebel against Saturn, who is associated with tradition), I do have strong Pluto and Neptune, as well as the Moon.  So, even though I am a Capricorn, I do not fit the steretypical "bound by tradition" where it concerns "beliefs" (although I prefer to use experiences in place of beliefs, and I will explain why later).

Pluto, what may just be my overall dominant, is the destroyer.  Pluto does not give two shits about your traditions and how much they may mean to you.  It does not give one fuck about your sentimentality either.  So, with this, I will take a tradition that needs to be destroyed and do so.  I may have to drag it kicking and screaming down into the abyss, but go it will for something better to replace it.

Neptune, the one who dissolves boundaries, is, by this alone, pitted against Saturn who stands for boundaries.  Neptune is about transcendent spirituality, not religious/tradition type spirituality.  Neptune doesn't care about Saturn's "karmic laws" bullshit, and "karmic/reincarnation rules and regulations".  So, I take your traditional belief in, say, how reincarnation is "supposed" to happen, and totally throw it out the window.

In this way, it can easily be understood how and why, I find tradition to be very confining.  It takes my inner knowing and experiences and says, "Nope."  So, then what happens is a battle of authority (again Saturn's domain).  I am supposed to reject, even outright DENY, my own inner authority just to placate the authority of someone who has not even lived my experiences?  No.  That's giving away my power (now we are in Pluto's domain, as Pluto is associated with power - and yes, that includes Inner Power).  Does Saturn really want to fight a losing battle?


With regards to "beliefs" vs. "experiences", I remember many, many years ago asking about this in a spiritual network.  While I don't exactly remember the precise words, I do recall the basic premise which was that establishing a set of beliefs actually is constricting.  It is no longer about experiencing but putting into place a framework which is limiting.  "I believe this and not this." - as opposed to "I have experienced this but not this."  At least with experiencing, one is leaving open the possibility, whereas with belief it becomes a "black and white" state of mind.  There are things that I have not experienced, but that does not negate the experiences for those who have, and leaves open the possibility of my experiencing them in the future.  A perfect case in point would be my memories of being an oceanic water spirit.  Back when I first started out, I had absolutely no interest in all that became the culmination of that part of me.  I was way too busy trying to deal with: 1) my physical healing, 2) integration and research of my WWII memories, 3) trying to disentangle my body from its past life which was toxic to the nth degree.  At the same time, though, I let myself open up to myself and therfore the experience of my full Self.


Time, another domain of Saturn.

My blog is actually a visible example of "going against tradition" in using the subject of Time.  While yes, initially my (new) body-mind had begun to integrate my memories in a linear format, once the threshold was crossed in 2016, and 5D anchored...so much for Saturn's little 3D and 4D linear construct.  I could then switch from that focus to integration of my own experience from the 1920s, and make that my priority, which is happening right now.

So no.  I cannot be beholden to such tradition.  I will not bow to such an authority as to give my power away, nor force myself to deny my experiences and put myself into a box (read - cage).  Tradition is only good when it helps to lay a foundation by which one can grow from.  But the moment it becomes constricting and holding one back from personal growth, and cannot be questioned, and refuses to let people stand in their own personal authority (remember the myth of Kronos [Saturn] who ate his children so he wouldn't be overthrown - his child who did overthrow him was Zeus [Jupiter - which in Astrology is about expansion vs. Saturn's contraction]), is when it must die.